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“Oren Cass is among the smartest, most thoughtful policy thinkers in America today."

― J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy

“. . . an unflinching indictment of the mistakes that Washington has made for a generation and continues to make . . . forcefully draws out the contradictions of a consensus that has actively displaced Americans from their national inheritance of good jobs and thriving hometowns.”

― Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

“Oren Cass has written the essential policy book for our time . . . A must-read.”

― Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs

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Reckoning with the Robots

This question of replacement versus augmentation is central to the future of work because of its implications for not only the predicted rate of change, but also the continued relevance of less-skilled workers. If firms need workers to make new technology function, then they can deploy it only as fast as they can train workers to use it. Firms thus remain constrained in their process improvements—automation included—by the supply of labor that actually exists and its ability to absorb change. That constraint may help to explain why productivity growth has been stalling, not accelerating.

tags: Labor Market, Technology

Is Technology Destroying the Labor Market?

If automation were rendering workers obsolete, we would see evidence in rising productivity, major capital investments, and a shift in the ratio of production workers to managerial workers. None of these things has occurred. If technology could render workers obsolete, the radical advancements of past generations should have done it. They did not. If this time is different, we should find evidence that a large share of current workers are uniquely vulnerable to the particular set of technologies on the horizon. We do not.

tags: Labor Market, Technology, Trade

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